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Are You Ready To Be Published?
Congratulations on completing your manuscript. You have spent countless hours of time to get to this point, but now what do you do? Jean Strouse from Newsweek says, "Writing ranks among the top 10 percent of professions in terms of prestige." But you need to get your manuscript published. None of the large publishing houses are interested in you or your manuscript; now what? Your next step is to contact us here at PDP; maybe we can help! If your manuscript falls into the category of motivational, self-help, spiritual, or business - we would be interested in reviewing your manuscript.

What most authors fail to realize is that writing a book is only 5% of the effort needed to become a successful published author. The remaining 95% of the effort is in marketing your printed book. YES, marketing = YOU selling your book! The majority of all small and first-time authors become known by doing the majority of their own book selling. We here a Personal Dynamics Publishing have access to many of the traditional book distribution channels along with many other non-traditional means to market and distribute your book.

Please send us an email found on the 'Contact Us' page and let us know that your manuscript proposal is on its way. Download the PDF document below and see what is required on a manuscript proposal.

Your manuscript + Personal Dynamics Publishing = the possibility of you becoming a Published Author!

The following item is in Adobe PDF format. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to download these forms. The link to Adobe below, will allow you to download Acrobat Reader for free (if you don't currently have it).


Click here download the Manuscript Proposal Form.   

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